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Hiver specializes in providing preventive maintenance and periodical servicing for air-conditioning and refrigeration our chiller plants or heat pumps under Annual maintenance Contracts.

Hiver undertakes two types Annual Maintenance Contract Services:

  • Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC)
  • Non- Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (LAMC)
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC)
  • To maintain the chillers & heat pumps through out the year (24x7 &365 days)
  • To check the proper operation of expansion valves every year and set the same if possible.
  • To check the proper functioning of microprocessor and take the control test.
  • To check / calibrate the proper functioning of flow switches
  • To check the antifreeze and setting of the same every quarterly.
  • To check LP / HP cut out switches & to replace the same if found defective.
  • To attend to all the break downs including compressor failure.
  • To check the filter drier core and changing of the same if found necessary.
  • To clean the electrical panel of the chillers & heat pumps every quarterly with air blower.
  • Rewinding of the fan motor and compressor motor if required.
  • To check the leakages of refrigerant from the chiller plants & heat pumps and rectify/ repair the same.
  • To change / replace compressor oil and oil filters as per requirement.
  • To descale the condenser evaporator of chillers & heat pumps as per requirement or once in year.
  • Checking of sensors, control valves, control's equipment & cleaning of strainers.
  • To calibrate control instruments - Transducers, sensors & motor current, if possible.
  • To check chiller vibration analysis test if required.
  • To check water analysis test & oil analysis test once in year.
  • To check compressor sound level by db meters once in year if required.
  • To check condenser & evaporator tube health condition by eddy current test if required.
  • To check walk through or detailed energy audits for chillers & heat pumps once in year if required.
  • To tighten the electrical components related to the chiller & heat pumps once in a quarter.
  • To clean the electrical contactor contact points & refixed again or replaced if required.
  • To check health condition of communication bus wire or connectors or replaced if required.
  • To check the software version of HMI PLC Displays or upgrade if required.
  • To check the chillers or heat pumps for energy saving prospects &implements, improve the SOP.

In order to reduce the breakdown time and to ensure excellent performance of the system, we would keep ready stock of all the consumables and mandatory spare parts at site if required.