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Hiver Aircon, an ISO 9001:2015 certified Private Limited Company, Established in the Year 2013 Under the leadership of Managing Director Mr. Shivaji Darade.

We are India's Leading Air-conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration Company specialising in the Low Temperature Brine Chillers and Industrial Process Water Chillers.

Hiver has its head office in Mumbai and state of the art Manufacturing facility in Nashik. With the deep understanding of global business needs and the company's vision to produce the green gases, energy efficient, reliable, industrial products. We are future ready to cater to existing & new industrial segments.


HIVER doesn't just follow industry standards. We define them

Hiver improves the life of the buildings & industry itself. We collaborate with building & industry owners and operators to create high performance buildings & industry that contribute measurable, year-over-year benefits and support mission-critical objectives. Together, we explore the mission of the organization within the building & industry itself, along with its strategic and financial objectives, and the inevitable challenges that come with improving building & industry performance. And we work together to determine the ways the building & industry environment impacts the organization for the better.

Buildings & industry they are the environments in which we live and work, learn and play, heal and grow. And Hiver makes high performance buildings & industry better for everyone inside. Our innovative solutions create spaces that are reliable and safe, as well as healthy, comfortable and efficient - which in turn yields greater productivity and greater profitability.

Hiver applies the right methodology From a preliminary energy audit through a complete performance analysis, Hiver examines each building's & industry's critical systems and energy use - and considers how they stand up to the customer's objectives. Because a careful look at the facility reveals not only how it performs from an operational point of view, but also how it interacts with the people inside.

Finally, we look ahead to ensure those benefits are measurable now and sustainable for the future. Because Hiver is committed to delivering sustainable performance, innovation and knowledge for the life of your high performance buildings & industry and your organization.


Innovation is our mission; it's our identity.

Hiver believes innovation begins with the customer's needs. Even the most aggressive, cutting-edge concepts and design evolve from challenges that exist in the marketplace from fluctuating fuel costs to aging infrastructure and changing regulations. Innovations from Hiver help organizations to achieve their missions and to meet their unique environmental needs.

HVAC technology has changed and improved greatly over the past several decades' thanks in part to Hiver. Customers trust Hiver HVAC innovations and expertise solutions to help them realize their organizational mission.

Our state-of-the-art equipment provides unparalleled comfort, efficiency and reliability. Our HVAC innovations controls portfolio, from industry-leading building automation systems to equipment controls and sensors, allows customers to operate their buildings & industry at peak energy and operational efficiency. And our building & industry services allow us to continuously collect and analyze data and proactively make specific recommendations for building & industry optimization and efficiency.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Hiver understands that the demand for sustainable business practices and environments has grown dramatically. Customers have come to expect that the companies with whom they do business remain aggressively committed to sustainability not only as a gesture of responsible environmental stewardship but also as an articulation of their forward-thinking, future-focused approach to business.

Hiver helps organizations achieve not only the building & industry mission, but also their goals for greater energy efficiency now and for generations to come.


Hiver partners with building & industry owners and operators to create exceptional energy efficiency buildings and maximum ROI.

Hiver cuts through the complexity to guide customers through the energy management process. We partner with them to achieve even the most ambitious energy efficiency goals for their buildings & industry at minimal operating costs.

This means exploring their building's & industry's mission and defining its energy initiatives with them. Then we link those initiatives in priority order to the customer's strategic and financial goals.

Hiver then combines a wide range of systems and services to give customers unified business and technical solutions.And finally using our unparalleled expertise and offerings, we work with our customers to track results and ensure their mission is achieved now, and throughout the lifecycle of their energy efficient buildings & industry.


Building's & Industry's today are full of hidden potential. They have energy coursing through their veins heating, cooling, lighting. This energy produces data and that data is like a language waiting to be translated. Once it is deciphered, it is full of valuable.

Save energy. Save money. Keep people comfortable. Increase uptime. Provide the data you need to make key operational decisions that are aligned to desired business outcomes and then document the results.

Hiver delivers connected Building's & Industry's solutions through centralized engineering, combined with local design, installation and service expertise plus 24x7 monitoring by Hiver experts helps us solve many issues more quickly and efficiently, minimizing the impact on your business.


The Company comprises of five operational divisions:
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Manufacturing, Research & Development
  • After Sales Services
  • Parts & Supplies
  • Rental Chillers Services

Our Vision

Our vision is to be among the global business leaders of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, service and solutions by seeking life- long partnership with all our customers for whom will continue to invest in latest technology, engineering designs and modern capabilities to provide them indigenous solutions that were supreme in quality offered excellence in services and in sync with clients delivery needs.

Hiver competent staff will always go the extra mile to maintain our customer's delight year after year.