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Hiver offers a variety of Scroll & Screw type Modular Chillers / Heat Pumps for a wide range of capacities from 01 tons to 400 tons for comfort and process cooling applications with medium GWP HFCs R134A, R404, R407C and R410A refrigerant options.

Our Scroll & Screw type Modular Chillers / Heat Pumps can reduce your total cost of ownership because they are engineering for lower life cycle costs and reliability through design simplicity. Our compressor technology is direct drive, low speed with only two rotating parts for high reliability and efficiency. Optimized compressor parts profiles are designed specifically for chilled water & Hot water applications to optimize full and part-load efficiency. Our 'Smart H' Microprocessor provides greater reliability through a proactive control strategy, safety functions with simple diagnostics and easy interface with any building automation / energy management using a single twisted pair of wires.

Hiver Modular Chillers / Heat Pumps are the right choice for right temperature control in virtually any application.

Our compact Modular Chillers / Heat Pumps install easily and quickly into most building / factory layouts, making them ideal choices for retrofit or new building designs.


  • Single Compressor Series : HMS
  • Dual Compressor Series : HMD
  • Multiple Compressor Series : HMM

Hiver HMS, HMD & HMM series Modular Heat Pump is central air-conditioner unit with air as cooling (heating) source and water ascooling (heating) medium. As integrated unit both using cooling and heating source, unit applied modular design andmutually independent modules can go with any combination and centrally controlled by "H-smart" microprocessor controller. Unit can startor shut relevant module according to changes of unit load, in order to flexibly control cooling (heating) output andeffectively save energy. Unit can add with heat recovery system(optional) so that while cooling operation, it can recover condensing water heat and supply hotwater as high as 65C.Unit applied high quality refrigerant self-control components imported from world famous manufacturer, and has gonethrough system match and optimum design with advanced control technology and it has become one of the most reliable,energy saving, environment friendly and quiet units. Every unitis ensured good quality and performance through strict testing before dispatched.

Product Specifications :

1) Flexible combination system and easy installation

  • Every modular unit operates independently from each other as its own individual frame structure,refrigeration circuit and control protection system. Each unit will start to operate step by step in order to achievethe capacity needed. If one of them breaks down, it will not affect the other units performance in the system
  • Modular unit quantity can be assembledmore or increased for future expansion.
  • Every modular unit can be installed closely or a separate distance, in order to suit the application and space of installation.
  • Every modular unit can be installed closely or a separate distance, in order to suit the application and space of installation.
  • No special machine room is required and low installation cost. Users only need to connect water piping, ensure good waterquality, then pump in clean water and start operation

2) Intelligent control system, high efficiency and energy saving

  • Due to the modular system design, the maximum starting ampere for the whole system is decreased to theminimum (lower voltage surge) by starting the modular unit separately. This directly will save for the system energy generally.
  • The 'H-smart' microprocessor controller can detect and determine the required capacity automatically. It will randomly starttheseparate modular units until the sufficient capacity for the space heat load is supplied in order to achieve the best energy saving for the system.
  • All modular units use the new hermetic scroll compressor that is of low noise, low vibration and high efficiency
  • Evaporator and condenser coil are manufactured with inner groove copper tube where for cooling and heatingmodecondition, the heat transfer rate is 32% higher than the normal heat exchanger rate.
  • Antirust hydrophilic aluminums fin which can be applied in the worst ambient condition; it reduces the frostthickness and forming rate during heating cycle and also increases the heat exchanger rate of the coil.

3) Excellent quality and high reliability

  • Hermetical high efficient reliable scroll compressor is applied with inner over-heat protection and oil heatingbelt with proper power is installed in the bottom of each compressor
  • All main components in the refrigeration system are of branded quality products from America, Europe and Japan. Electrical parts for the units are provided by schindler, Siemens, L&T and Omron which is well-known for its quality.
  • �H-smart� microprocessor controller have functions such as intelligent defrost, diagnosis, capacity management, antifreezecontrol for modular operating and etc.
  • The unit is protected by high-low pressure switch, air vent, water temperature control and other safety devices which assure that the unit is safe during operation.

4) Excellent quality and high reliability

  • Applied high efficient low rpm axial flow fan in line with aerodynamic principle, low noise.
  • Rational layout of main components, all of which is reachable if protection net is disabled, simply maintained.
  • Hermetical scroll compressor is applied with small vibration and low noise.

5) Free hot water, environment friendly and energy saving-optional

  • Unit cooling EER under heat recovery condition is 5% higher with lower operation cost
  • High temperature condensing waste heat in process of recovery cooling operation can be used to supply free hot water as high as 65C without any energy consumption
  • Directly use condensing waste heat and reduce waste heat discharge; meanwhile, hot water system separate water and electricity to avoid hidden danger.

Applications :

  • Comfort Air-Conditioning
  • Chemical & Pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering & Industrial
  • Commercial & Institutional
  • Hospitals & Hospitality
  • Telecommunications
  • Laser Technology
  • Welding Engineering
  • Aeronautical Testing Facility
  • Defense Laboratory Testing facility
  • Computer Chip Manufacturing
  • Medical Process
  • Blow Mold Machines
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Plastics Processing
  • Electroplating Industry
  • Laboratory Equipments
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Food Process Industry
  • Anodizing Plants
  • Dye and Pigment Manufacturing
  • Plasma Spray Machines
  • Induction Hardening Machine
  • Foundries

Features :

  • Superior Relaibilty
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Long Equipment Life
  • Adaptive frequency drive option available
  • Clean Energy & Intelligent Mangements
  • Solution for Energy Saving Equipments
  • Easy Interface with BMS through protocols
  • Ozone friendly refrigerant HFC134a, HFC407c
  • Highly reliable desgin with best class cop
  • Equipped with advanced 'H-smart' microprocessor based controller
  • Efficient lubrication, even in the event of power failure
  • Body is made up of Galvanized Steel.
  • Powder Coated / Polyurethane paint.
  • Anti-freezesafety and water flow switches.
  • World-class safety controllers for equipments&compressors
  • Custom built machine enquiries are also entertained
  • 100% functionally tested
  • Equipment extended warrnty options are available up to 10 yrs
  • Site support with Amc options are available for entire life of equipments